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Company Profile

DC Environmental Inc. was founded by Karen Dremann and David Charlesworth whose 22 year career in the Southwest has been based on the principles of sound industrial hygiene and adult education.

DC Environmental Inc. is an Environmental Consulting and Training Company providing a wide range of solutions to private business, government and industrial clients.

DC Environmental is founded on the belief of scientific practice to recognize, evaluate and control the hazards posed to working men and women.  Providing a safe and health conscience workplace includes education as a main emphasis.  A knowledgeable and interactive organization is key to a safe and viable business.

In regards to evaluation of the work environment, DC Environmental applies technically sound scientific principles to the evaluation and mitigation of hazards in a cost-effective approach.

Bringing a dynamic and enthusiastic staff to the project and creating an approach to the issues with several minds on the issues at hand is how we have maintained our client relationships over the course of the past 22 years.

Project involvement ranges from:

  • Interactive inspections and investigations
  • Quality control and exceptional input from laboratories or design professionals
  • Education and training on the entire system
  • Cost effective approach to the remediation strategy
  • Assisting the client in maintaining the new system after the controls are in effect.