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David Charlesworth
Certified Industrial Hygienist , DC Environmental

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With a degree in Biology and Master’s work in Toxicology, Mr. David Charlesworth has extensive experience including safety and environmental health in construction and industrial applications, as well as teaching environmental subjects in a class setting.

Mr. Charlesworth has been in the safety and health field since 1985 and established his consulting business in 1994.  He currently manages a staff of six people across the Southwest Region and resides in the Albuquerque New Mexico area.

As a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH), Mr. Charlesworth has extensive knowledge in workplace exposure assessments, along with EPA training in hazardous waste operations.  He has performed a major part of his career overseeing hazardous waste remediation activities and asbestos abatement. He has provided extensive consultation in occupational safety and health for the health care industry, government entities and manufacturing entities across the United States.  Mr. Charlesworth is certified with the American Board of Industrial Hygiene.

David Charlesworth holds additional certifications as an:

  • Mold Inspector
  • Lead Assessor
  • Lead inspector
  • OSHA trainer
  • EPA Accredidated Trainer
  • Asbestos Building Inspector 

Mike Martin
Certified Safety Professional

image of Mike Martin

Micheal D. Martin, CIH, CSP

Micheal Martin is the Chief of Safety for the Phillips Research Site on the Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico.  He is the Certified Safety Professional of AEIH / DC Environmental.  Mr. Martin was awarded the Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from South Dakota School of Mines and Technology in Rapids City, South Dakota.  Currently working on his Master’s in Safety while being honored with numerous safety awards from the Air Force.

Mr. Martin has dual certifications in safety and industrial hygiene.  In performance of his duties as Officer in Charge of the Environmental Protection Section of the Air Force he has responded to each chemical release personally.  Radiological research system support has augmented his response team resume along with the review and over site of the chemical weapons laser research facility on the Air Force Base.  Chemical optics uses concentrated Hydrogen Peroxide, Fluorinated products and cryogenic gases.  Each of these materials has presented knowledge and experience in the area of Emergency Management, Incident Command System implementation and Health and Safety Program implementation.  This experience he brings to the classroom to highlight areas unfamiliar to even the most seasoned safety and health professional.

Mr. Martin has taught several hundred students in the military, private sector and government agencies.  He is regarded as a System Safety expert and has implemented system safety in the materiel command venue on projects ranging from Space Vehicle Directorate and Directed Energy (Star Wars Era) research.  He is very knowledgeable on Radiation Safety, Radiofrequencies, Microwave and a variety of laser technologies.

Mike was a combat engineer in his early career with a Civil Engineering emphasis leading to remediation of environmental issues and heavy construction earth moving operations.  Clearance of mine and combat obstacles; road and bridge construction and deconstruction; and environmental impact of infrastructure clean-up operations.  He has assessed and monitored various projects and has knowledge of energy measurement, water quality sampling and physical stressor monitoring of personnel (Heat/cold, thermal, radiant, and ergonomic hazards)  

Mike is an avid mountaineer and volunteers as a snow ski emergency patrol member.  He lives with his wife and dogs in the mountains of the Albuquerque area where he trains in high altitude hiking and rescue activities. 

Karen Dremann
President, DC Environmental


Karen Dremann is the President at the helm of DC Environmental and manages the day to day operations of a large and dynamic woman owned company. She is responsible for all day to day and future operations, providing cost estimating, staff over-sight, budgeting, project timelines, project scheduling, scheduling of Certified Industrial Hygeinists, Industrial Hygeine Technicians, and all employees. Ms. Dremann is a Honors graduate of the University of New Mexico, Magna cum laude, with a Major in Biology and a Minor in Environmental  Science. She brings twenty years of experience in the  Environmental consulting and training field.

Jeffrey Biedenbach
Senior Trainer, Asbestos and Lead Inspector and Senior Industrial Hygienist, DC Environmental

Mr. Biedenbach, is an environmental and safety trainer, a Lead and Asbestos Building inspector, an industrial Hygienist, and is DC Environmental's ROS. He brings 23 years of experience from the U.S. Navy Nuclear power Program, including 2 years in Nuclear Repair, 4 Years in RADCON, over 17 years in Quality Control, and over 20 years supervising various emergency response teams. Over 14 year’s involvement with safety, and safety training since 2001. Currently holding 4 asbestos accreditations (Contractor Supervisor, Building Inspector, Management planner, and Project Designer), Accredited as an Asbestos Instructor. He is also an OSHA general safety Instructor, an American Heart Association CPR and First-aid Instructor. Jeff Biedenbach is certified as a Hazmat Responder and Hazmat Supervisor, Lead Inspector,and  Mold Inspector.


Doug Jones
Industrial Hygiene Technician , DC Environmental

Mr. Doug Jones is one of DC Environmental's Industrial Hygiene Technician and our in house technical writer. Mr. Jones has a Masters Degree in Engineering Management and a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Science. He is also an certified Asbestos and Lead Inspector and a valued member of the DCE team. Doug Jones has ten years of experience in the environmental field.

Steven Gutierrez
Senior Industrial Hygienist Technician/ Project Manager , DC Environmental

  • Steven Gutierrez brings 15 years of experience as a Senior Project Manager/ Industrial Hygiene Technician to the DC Environmental family. Mr. Gutierrez is responsible for planning, overseeing and leading projects from ideation through to completion. His senior role at our organization is to interact with a range of internal and external stakeholders, most often managing several moving project parts simultaneously. He is efficient at leading project planning sessions, coordinating staff  and internal resources, managing project progress and adapting to work changes as required. He also ensures that projects meet deadlines while managing relationships with clients and stakeholders. Mr. Gutierrez is in charge of overseeing all incoming and outgoing project documentation and participating in the tender process i.e. design, submission, and review of each project. Mr. Gutierrez is a certified Asbestos, Lead, and Mold inspector